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R. Mika

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Mika quick sketch by Quasimodox.png

R. Mika is one of the Characters in Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V[edit | edit source]

Health 950
Stun 1000
Neutral Jump 46 frames (4+38+4)
Back Jump 46 frames (4+38+4)
Forward Jump 45 frames (3+38+4)
Jump Distance 0
Forward Dash 18 frames
Back Dash 25 frames
Throw Range 0
Taunt 61 frames

Move List[edit | edit source]

Notes for understanding the Move List:

  • An uncolored attack icon (Any Punch Button or Any Kick button) means the attack properties change when using different attack strengths. A light punch fireball Quarter Circle Forward input+Light Punch button moves slower than a heavy punch fireball Quarter Circle Forward input+Heavy Punch button
  • Pressing more than one button with the corresponding motion for a special move executes a more powerful version of the attack, but costs one bar of EX-Gauge meter: http://i.imgur.com/GZgAmLN.png
  • Unique attacks don't require a full motion input like special moves, but do require an additional directional input, such as forward or back.
  • V-System Abilities share the same input command across the entire cast, but the affects are different for every character.
Name Input Comments
Normal Throws
Daydream Headlock (Close to Opponent) Forward motion or Neutral + Light Punch buttonLight Kick button Forward throw. V-skill increases power.
Dream Driver (Close to Crouching Opponent) Forward motion or Neutral + Light Punch buttonLight Kick button Slightly more damage than against a standing opponent. Leaves you closer and able to act faster. V-skill increases power.
Sell Down (Close to Opponent) Back motion + Light Punch buttonLight Kick button Back throw. V-skill increases power.
Mic Performance Neutral directional inputMedium Punch buttonMedium Kick button Hold to power up throws (one charge instantly, others follow every time a white circle appear beneath Mika), has a single hit of armour, releases short-range projectile on release (can combo if projectile hits). The charge is lost by whiffing a grab or getting hit.
Nadeshiko (Above) Heavy Punch buttonHeavy Kick button (Hold To Delay) Sends Nadeshiko launching towards the opponent from above them. Can continue combos off on grounded hit. Knocks up and puts opponent in juggle state mid-air.
Nadeshiko (Front) Back motionHeavy Punch buttonHeavy Kick button (Hold To Delay) Sends Nadeshiko launching towards the opponent from in front of them. Puts opponent in air tumble that allows juggle.
Nadeshiko (Behind) Forward motionHeavy Punch buttonHeavy Kick button (Hold To Delay) Sends Nadeshiko launching towards the opponent from behind them. Puts opponent in air tumble that allows juggle.
Peach Gator (During Guard)Forward motion + Three Kicks Deals white damage and causes knockdown on hit. Safe (-2) on block.
Unique Attacks
Stomp Chop Light Kick button, Medium Punch button Special cancelable. Very negative on block but frametraps if cancelled into MP Shooting Peach.
Dive Bomb (During forward jump) Down motion + Medium Punch button Freezes midair quickly before attacking vertically toward the ground. Can be used as Cross-Up. Knocks down on hit. Very punishable if blocked.
Lady Mika Forward motion + Heavy Punch button Launches on hit. Gives crush counter on counterhit.
Passion Press Forward motion or Back motion + Medium Punch button
Passion Rope Throw Forward motion or Back motion + Medium Punch button, Forward motion or Back motion + Medium Punch button Will force opponents to run along the ground based on the direction you press. Causes wallbounce near corner or by backdashing after release. An opponent who has wallbounced is considered airborne even though they are moving along the ground, all attacks without juggle/launch properties cause an air reset and wingless airplane will hit.
Special Moves
Shooting Peach Quarter Circle Forward input + Any Punch Button Causes knockdown. EX version has 1 hit of armour starting frame 3 that last until after the first hit.
Wingless Airplane Quarter Circle Forward input + Any Kick button Anti-air grab. Switches sides with your opponent. EX version is invincible frames 5-15, increases damage, and can hit opponents in worse juggle states. V-Skill increases power.
Rainbow Typhoon Half Circle Back motion + Any Punch Button Command grab. LP version highest range (longest of all meterless Mika grab), HP version has highest damage (meterless). After usage switches sides and leaves opponent almost fullscreen. EX version has longer range and higher damage. V-Skill increases power.
Brimstone Half Circle Back motion + Any Kick button Command grab. LK version highest range, HK version has highest damage (meterless). Keeps you on the same side and leaves you close to the opponent. EX version has longer range and higher damage. V-Skill increases power.
Critical Art
Peach Assault Quarter Circle Backward inputQuarter Circle Backward input + Any Punch Button Command grab. Can be used in combos. V-skill increases damage.

Normals[edit | edit source]

  • Discusses the uses of Mika's normals, as well as some rudimentary frame data. Small glossary at the bottom.*
Normal Startup On Block On Hit Cancel* Notable features
St. Light Punch button 3 2 3 sp,su,vt,ch Mika's first 3-frame normal. The st. LP is +3 on hit and +2 on block making either great for tick throws. On counterhit it links into st.MP. Situationally good as an anti-air.
St. Light Kick button 4 1 2 ch, vt First hit of target combo but useful as a quick poke on it's own. Sticks on fairly far forward for a light hit.
St. Medium Punch button 5 2 7 sp,su, vt Safest normal to confirm into some real damage and stage position. A whopping +7 on hit makes this the go-to button for big punishes. When low on V-gauge and EX-meter this button is often better than a crush counter to punish DPs on block.
St. Medium Kick button 8 3 2 vt Holding forward has you move forward during the normal, than the enemy is pushed back by the attack. Fairly safe on block as long as you're not doing it from point blank range. Can high profile quite a few low attacks. Can anti-air jumps that are going to land surprising far. On hit, dependent on range, you can go for a throw which will beat out jabs if timed correctly.
St. Heavy Punch button 7 6 2 sp,su,vt Decent anti-air, links from st.MP.
St. Heavy Kick button 12/35 4/2 2/4 vt Charging this normal increases the range, block/hit stun and damage. Crush counters on counterhit, with the uncharged version giving air tumble and the charged version giving recoil. You have time to charge HK after most whiffed DPs offering the most damaging counterhit combos Mika has access to, but you cannot charge after most blocked DPs. On non-counter hit, you can link Stomp Chop afterward. On block, the uncharged version is mildly unsafe (-4) but the charged version leaves you at +2 in close range giving you the opportunity to do mix-ups.
Cr. Light Punch button 3 1 3 sp,su,vt,ch Mika's other -3 frame normal. Slightly worse frames on block but still works as a tick throw against characters without 3-frame normals. Can be useful to punish some -3 lows that St. Light Punch button could not.
Cr. Light Kick button 4 1 3 vt Hits low and can link to a jab at close range. Frame traps to jab on block, giving time to hit confirm before cancelling into LP peach
Cr. Medium Punch button 7 1 1 vt Decent anti-air that hit above and slight in front of Mika. Good for hitting crossups. After hitting with whip and getting a corner wallbounce can follow up Lady Mika for a reset. Airborne on frames 9-11.
Cr. Medium Kick button 7 2 2 vt Decently ranged low poke which has a surprising low profile. Can be used to punish certain attacks that are fairly negative but leave the opponent too far for other pokes.
Cr. Heavy Punch button 11 4 2 su,vt While the on hit/block frames seem scary, note that the roll has 6 active frames, so max range roll on block is not only safe, but is +1, and on hit, is +3 so you can even link jab after. Useful for closing space against opponents who like to throw quick normals in front of them. Great candidate to vTrigger cancel, as it leaves you close to your opponent while up on frames and allows a few different mix-ups. Can anti-air jump-ins at certain angles well.
Cr. Heavy Kick button 12 12 KD vt Slides under most projectiles and can anti-air many aerials cleanly because of its very low profile. Has 8 active frames, but at max range it is still -5 on block, so be careful not to abuse it. As with all sweeps, on counterhit this causes a hard knockdown.
j.Light Punch button 3 . . . Situational air-to-air. Fastest jumping normal.
j.Light Kick button 4 . . . Can cross-up. Generally leaves the opponent with small enough blockstun to be followed after land with a mixups between a quick attack and a grab.
j.Medium Punch button 6 . . . Situational air-to-air. Hits the highest above Mika of all air-to-airs.
j.Medium Kick button 6 . . . Surprisingly good range, can be pressed very late in jump so you seem to not be in DP range.
j.Heavy Punch button 8 . . . Good jump-in choice at the right ranges.
j.Heavy Kick button 7 . . . Amazingly large hitbox. Can hit an opponents with a deceptively long jump-in, or air-to-air many opponents beyond their normals reach
Command Normals
Passion Press (forward or back Medium Punch button) 6 2 2 ch Can be followed up by pressing forward or back Medium Punch button again. On hit, this throws the opponents along the ground in the chosen direction. Followup is very unsafe on block. Sets up for many different combos and resets. Opponents will smash into the corner if near enough and turn around. You can backdash after to have them wallbounce midscreen.
Lady Mika (Forward motionHeavy Punch button) 10 3 Launch vt Mika's best normal on block at +3, but leaves you out of range of all command grab except for EX typhoon. On hit can be followed with plane. On counterhit, it gains crush counter properties and launches to opponent into a juggle state.
Divebomb (Down motionMedium Punch button during forward jump) 16 KD Can cross-up. Stalls in midair for the startup, allowing it to punish some anti-airs with a tricky change to your jump arch. Very unsafe if blocked.

For cancels: sp is special, su is super, vt is vtrigger, ch is chain

Shorthands: cr. is crouching, st. is standing, j. is jumping, KD is knockdown, Peach is Shooting Peach, Plane is Wingless Airplane, Typhoon is Rainbow Typhoon, Super is Peach Assault, Whip is [f/b].MP+[f/b].MP

Specials[edit | edit source]

Special Name Input Breakdown
Rainbow Typhoon Half Circle Back motion + Any Punch Button The first of R. Mika's two ground command grabs. Like most command grabs it has 5 frame of startup and significant recovery on whiff. Typhoon has a much longer range than Brimstone. This throw switches the positions of you and your opponents, and leaves them nearly fullscreen. The LP version has the largest range but lowest damage and is R. Mika's longest meterless command grab. The stronger the punch you use, the shorter the range but higher the damage. EX Typhoon is the most damaging and longest range grab R. Mika has.
Brimstone Half Circle Back motion + Any Kick button The second of R. Mika's two ground command grabs. Like most command grabs it has 5 frame of startup and significant recovery on whiff. Brimstone has a significantly shorter range than Typhoon. This throw pushes your opponents forward towards the corner, knocks down and leaves you close. The LK version has the largest range but lowest damage and is R. Mika's largest meterless command grab. The stronger the kick you use, the shorter the range but higher the damage. EX Brimstone adds damage and range (EX Brimstone is the largest command grab second to EX typhoon, non-EX has worse range than even HP typhoon).
Shooting Peach Quarter Circle Forward input + Any Punch Button Commonly referred to as 'butt'. Mika launches herself forward at her opponent. As the punch strength increases, the startup, distance, and damage is increased. All butts attacks are largely disadvantageous if used close, and at max range, while safe, are still negative on block. Be careful using this attack outside of combos, but don't be unaware of it. HP butt can high profile most projectiles near the end of its arc. EX Peach gains a point of armour frame 3, but loses it before the second hit.
Wingless Airplane Quarter Circle Forward input + Any Kick button Anti-air command grab. The stronger the kick that is used, the longer the startup, distance, and active frames are while having fewer recovery frames. All non-EX versions do the same damage. EX Plane has invincibility from frame 5-15 and increases damage with low startup and recovery. All versions can be used as a jump for certain situations but the recovery is long. Enemies running along the ground after a wallbounce can be hit by plane as though they were in the air.

V-Trigger (Nadeshiko)[edit | edit source]

It's worth discussing Nadeshiko in depth, as she offers R. Mika a ton of utility, and adds quite a bit to a an already scary mixup game. Nadeshiko has six variations, depending on which direction you press as you activate (forward, neutral, back) and if you hold the buttons (attacking immediately for unheld buttons, and after a short time for held). Forward and back Nadeshiko put your opponent in an air tumble state, while neutral Nadeshiko leaves them in whatever state they were before with some extra hitstun (and extends their time in the air ion anti-air hit). Mika can cancel into her V-Trigger from any of her grounded normals, making previously unsafe attacks (cr. HP point blank, cr. HK) safe.

Nadeshiko is a very valuable tool. Just holding onto the meter for her can take away a lot of your opponents options. If it is not going to kill your opponent, it will often be a wise decision to hold onto Nadeshiko rather than uses her to just add damage to a combo.

Use Discussion
Crossups You can use jump or Wingless Airplane to cross over your opponent at around the same time Nadeshiko will hit, creating a very ambiguous crossup.
Combo Extender Nadeshiko can extend combos both with the initial cancel and when she hits.
Anti-air Neutral Nadeshiko is an easy to react to punish if you see most of the cast jump, even at full screen distance.
Guaranteed damage Against characters without invincible reversals, timing a command throw meaty and Nadeshiko a frame or two after guarantees one of the two will hit. Will even trade with most reversals. If Nadeshiko's damage is enough to KO, this is a way to take a round guaranteed.
Resets Used mid combo, Nadeshiko can set up some very tricky resets when you opponent may believe you could not. In the corner, you can even get a crossunder with a few of the resets.
Fireball punish Can be used on reaction to some fireballs and as a read on others. Punishing fireballs fullscreen allows Mika some time to close the gap between her and her opponent.
Making unsafe normals safe If you go for a risky cr. HK or cr. HP, v.Trigger cancelling can save you from the followup. You can generally then try to crossup before the Nadeshiko hit, or go for a command grab.

Combos[edit | edit source]

  • Combos below will uses the following shorthands: 'xx' means cancel, ',' means link, 'butt' means Shooting Peach, 'plane' means Wingless Airplane, VT means vTrigger, 'mic' means vSkill, 'whip' means [f/b].MPx2, 'super' means Peach Assault.*
  • At any point if a combo ends in any version of shooting peach, you can replace it with EX peach to increase corner carry and damage, they will not be repeated as one-bar combos*

Punish Combos[edit | edit source]

3 frame punishes:

LP, LP xx LP butt. [meterless]
Super [3 bars] (you can jab or jab jab here either to help with input or hitconfirm, however the total damage will decrease for each jab)

For the above both standing and crouching jab work, standing jab is preferable because it does more damage.

4 frame punishes:

LK xx MP xx MP Butt [meterless]
LK xx MP xx Super [3 bars]

For 5+ frame punishes, refer to any combo starting with st. MP below.

Midscreen BnBs[edit | edit source]

(The above punish combos work as well for BnBs that start from fast normals)


Charge HK, LK xx MP xx MP butt
St. MP, st. HP xx HP butt
St. MP, whip, back dash, forward dash, cr. HP (season 1 only)

In the last combo, cr. HP counts as an air reset, you're free to substitute other normals for cr. HP for different reset timings as longer as they don't have launch or knockdown properties, or cr. HK/f.HP if you want the knowdown.

One bar:

St. MP, whip, backdash, charge HK, EX Plane or Butt [1 bar] (season 1 only) (use plane for damage, butt for corner carry)

Critical Art Combos[edit | edit source]

st. MP, st. HP xx Super
Charge HK, LK xx MP xx Super

Corner BnBs[edit | edit source]

(All above combos continue to work in the corner, assume whip continuations happen after wallbounce)


St. MP, whip, charge HK, plane (any version plane, LP easiest)
St. MP, whip, f.HP, cr. MP (highest damage that causes reset in the corner)

One bar

St. MP, whip, charge HK, EX butt

Stun combos[edit | edit source]

All combos above work after stun, however, consider the following combo if you have a full meter.

Mic drop, st. MP, St. HP xx Super.

Because the super deals 50% minimum damage, with a long combo leading to stun the mic drop adds more damage than you lose from the jump-in combo, with this effect being larger the higher your combo leading to stun is scaled.

Also if your combo leading to stun is heavily scaled already, consider mic drop instead of jump-in to increase the damage of your next command grab. This is only ever worth it for combos to stun that are scaled beyond 50%.

Nadeshiko Combos[edit | edit source]

A few of the above combos can be modified to include Nadeshiko, though because of the diverse nature of V-Trigger cancelling, not all can be listed here. However, here are some followups to forward and back Nadeshiko:

[Meterless] Wingless Airplane
[Meterless corner] f.HP, cr.MP
[1-bar, Assuming no time to charge], f.HP, EX butt/EX Plane
[1-bar, Assuming time to charge], charge.HK, EX butt/EX Plane

Otherwise, Nadeshiko can be used in modified versions of combos to create a tricky reset:

[Corner] St. MP, whip, f.HP, cr. MP xx Neutral Nadeshiko, crossunder

The crossunder can be done a few different ways. You can dash forward, which is the easiest to execute but also this easiest to react to, or use certain normal that move her forward slightly (st. HP and cr. MP are both good for this). By varying the timing, you can mix it up by not crossing up. If Nadeshiko successfully hits, immediately hit your opponent with whip again. You cannot do [st. MP, whip] here as Nadeshiko pushes your opponent too far.

Another reset that can be done midscreen:

[Meterless] St. MP, whip, backdash, forward dash, f.HP xx Neutral Nadeshiko, forward dash, [Nadeshiko hits], cr. MP

Other uses for Nadeshiko in combos will generally be neutral Nadeshiko to cancel into one of the BnBs above. Normals cancel to neutral Nadeshiko can generally be following by f.MK to bring yourself closer to an opponent, normally you could not combo out of it but because of the timing Nadeshiko hits you can often start a st. MP BnB again from this cancel.

Crush Stun combos[edit | edit source]

R. Mika has 3 crush counters: f.HP, St. HK, and cr.HK, each having different properties on counterhit. Because charged HK and uncharged HK have different properties we will consider them separately. Below are the possible followups for each (cr. HK is not included as it causes hard knockdown). Though charged HK has the best followups, it is too slow to punish most blocked crush counterable reversals, so as a go-to punish for them consider the f.HP combos below, but also consider simply choosing a st.MP and using a BnB listed above instead.


[Meterless] Wingless Airplane
[Meterless corner] Forward dash, f.HP, cr.MP (omit forward dash dependent on distance to corner)
[1-bar] charge. HK, EX butt or plane
[vTrigger, 1-bar] Forward dash, f. HP xx forward Nadeshiko, charge HK, EX plane/butt

st. HK (uncharged, or charged anti-air)

[Meterless] Wingless Airplane
[Meterless corner] f.HP, cr.MP
[1-bar] f.HP, EX butt/EX Plane

st. HK (charged against grounded opponent):

  • See BnBs above.* You have time to walk forward and land a st.MP leading to st.HP or whip. If you react too slow, omit the st.MP and just use whip directly.

Character Discussions[edit | edit source]

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